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Welcome to one the web's most popular sites for small business marketing information, and home of the FREE small business marketing ebook  "Small Business, Big Marketing", by noted expert Will Dylan.

Small Business Marketing on a Tight Budget....

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Download Small Business, Big Marketing - FREE! (pdf format)Download your FREE copy of Small Business, Big Marketing™ and learn:

 - How your small business can compete with larger competitors through effective market positioning

 - How to to use the most powerful tool in the small business marketing arsenal, free publicity, and how it helps you earn credibility and exposure for your business at little to no cost

 - Tips for reducing the costs associated with your marketing campaigns

 - How to develop powerful marketing messages for your advertising that actually help you to sell things, not just enhance your image

 - Guidelines for avoiding common small business marketing mistakes

 - And Much More!

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Learn more about the most effective form of low-cost marketing for your small business - free publicity. On the new audio CD, Small Business, Big PR™, you'll learn:

-        How to put your small business on TV or in the newspaper in a highly credible news story, at next to no cost

-        The two types of news and how small business owners can have a great influence over one of them

-        Strategies for delivering ideas to reporters that increase your chances of getting featured in the news

-        The benefits to your business of being featured in just one article in a major newspaper, or one segment on the evening news

-        How to deliver a great interview that gives your business positive media coverage and keeps reporters coming back to you again and again

-      How to increase the effectiveness of your existing marketing programs by Integrating your successes in PR with your marketing strategy

-      And much more

Listen to Free Audio Samples from the CD right now on your computer!

Introduction - Getting exposure for your small business through the media (mp3 format, 500kb)

Chapter 1 - Viewing  the news media as a business (mp3 format, 450 kb) 


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Dear Fellow Small Business Owner,

It takes one to know one. I've been in your shoes before, working long hours to run a small business and keep your customers satisfied while trying to figure out how to build your business so that maybe one day, you won't have to work 12 hours a day to keep your business running.  As someone who has been in your position, take this one piece of advice: You can't grow your business without marketing. Period. End of Sentence. No doubt about it.

If you don't let potential customers know about your product or service, how do you expect them to buy from you? You need a marketing plan that will drive your profits higher AND will fit your small business marketing budget. 

No Marketing Budget...No Problem!

You’ve arrived at the home of one of the most powerful small business marketing tools available today. It's called Small Business, Big Marketing™, a dynamic written guide (e-book) for small business owners everywhere. It explains, in simple and straightforward language, the marketing tactics that your business can use to market your products and services at low or no cost. It also guides you through the myriad of advertising and marketing options for small businesses and gives you the information you need to approach marketing decisions with confidence.

Let me say that contains TACTICS that you can use to market your products and services at low or no cost. This is NOT a strategy guide that offers a lot of opinion without any hard advice. This book is packed full of small business marketing tips and tricks you can start using TODAY to market your business more effectively without paying through the nose.

And it's absolutely free.

My e-book "Small Business, Big Marketing" will show you:

- How to attract customers to your business at low or no cost using the news media  --  I'll show you how to put your small business on TV or have it featured in your local newspaper FREE through the news media, just like I've done for my businesses. 

- Strategies for competing with large competitors through effective marketing and marketing positioning

- How to turn your customers into salespeople for your business (Good customer service will only carry you so far...)

- The secrets of buying radio, TV, and newspaper ads, including tried and true methods to cut your advertising costs by understanding the selling motives of your friendly advertising sales rep

- How to avoid the common marketing mistakes made by small businesses

- And much more!

Sound Advice from a Recognized Expert

I've spent years marketing for the underdog. I've turned small marketing budgets into big results. And now for the first time ever, I've put it all down on paper for other small business owners to read. I assure you this is not your average e-book. This is an eye-opening look at how small businesses can scrape together a small marketing budget and start making things happen...TODAY!

As a recognized expert on small business marketing, I've written articles for such prestigious publications as The San Diego Business Journal and for such popular websites as the WebPro News, a site with over 500,000 subscribers to it's daily e-mail newsletter. My experience in small business marketing can help you get your marketing efforts rolling. As of April 2007, over 3,000 sites on the Internet link to my free articles section to provide their readers with expert information on small business marketing, and that number grows every day.

(You can read more about my experience on our "About the Author" page, and read a collection of my articles on our Free Articles page..)

Put Your Small Business in the Spotlight

Small Business Big Marketing covers a wide range of small business marketing issues. A key component of marketing on a tight budget is getting your business featured in the news media, putting the spotlight on your business without a big advertising bill to go with it. 

Would you be surprised to learn that my monthly marketing budget for this website is exactly $0? My total cost for running one of the top ranked sites in the world for small business marketing info (according to is $20 a month, and that's for web hosting

I've used free publicity to have my articles featured on over 3,000 different websites, along with feature articles in print media publications like the San Diego Business Journal, PROFITGuide Magazine, and more. In Small Business Big Marketing, I'll show you how to develop news stories that feature your business, and how to ensure that the media views them as valuable news items that are worth considering for publication, NOT as advertising that ends up in the trashcan. For little or no direct cost, you could put your local business in the spotlight with Small Business Big Marketing.       

FREE Download

At this point on most websites, you get hit with the sales pitch. You realize the great ebook you have been reading about is going to cost you $50 or more. NOT HERE. Small Business, Big Marketing is yours absolutely free. Simply follow the link below to download your free copy. There's no catch, and you don't need to give out your name or e-mail address.   

You have nothing to lose and your business has everything to gain.

Click here to read Small Business, Big Marketing - Absolutely FREE!

Check out our brand new look and tons of free information on marketing your small business at next to no cost



Yours Truly,

Will Dylan

Author, Small Business, Big Marketing 

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