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Small Business, BIG Marketingô

by Will Dylan ©2004


I hope you can see it now. You donít need big budgets to market your company effectively. You CAN compete with larger competitors using clever marketing techniques.


You can use publicity, the small businesspersonís number one weapon against big budget marketing. Itís free, people believe what they see/read in the news, and it takes minimal effort. Thatís a very powerful weapon.


You can use your enhanced knowledge of advertising that Iíve presented to you in this book to help guide your marketing decisions towards things that will generate a good payback on your investment, and away from advertising vehicles that are priced too high for the average small business.


You can avoid the common mistakes of small business people, like spreading your marketing to thin or trying to copy the big companies marketing strategies.


And finally, you can use clients as your walking advertisements for your business by giving them a reason to send business your way.


The Last Word

I sincerely believe that if you invest some time and effort into publicity, and take the marketing knowledge I have given you in this book to heart, you will have the tools you need to run a more successful, more profitable business. I wish you success in your endeavors, and encourage you to contact me with any questions or comments about the book or about small business marketing in general. You can reach me through our website


Now, go out and show your larger competitors how itís done. They wonít know what hit themÖ.unless they read this book too!

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